Little Doll House in The Prairie


Photos originally posted on Facebook 2014/11/24. Current reflection Jul 25, 2015

Update on the dolls.

Last night and today we worked on making some more dolls to add to the doll house that was built out of a drawer turned on its side, and a simple roof.

Now there is a dad/mom (turning the head around makes one or the other, as it has a mom face on one side and a dad face on the other) and a dog, and a christmas tree.

This is the doll house I made. I felt sad that she did not use t much, but was really happy that when we moved to Nagoya a few months ago, this was one of the toys she chose to take with her. She still plays with it. The biggest problem is that she does not have time to play with any one thing for a long time. Only five years old and I find myself trying to change activities to give her a big variety so she can learn English, and learn to ride a bike, and learn to play soccer, and learn to draw, and learn to play guitar, and spend time in the onsen, and play with fireworks, and enoy traditional Japanese activities like “suikawari”.

Too many things to do, and too many things that I think she “should” do, and no time just to play with her wooden dolls. I even find it ironic that I want to find time to watch “Little House on The Parie” to show her how Laura was so happy with just a simple doll, but showing her those videos takes away from the time that she has to actually play with her dolls.