Sick Day

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Mona’s teacher asked that we keep her home from school today because she is “sick”. She didn’t get much rest aside from getting a chance to sleep in for an hour or two longer than normal.

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I had inside office work to do, but the weather was too beautiful, and with Mona home there was little chance I would get it done anyway, so we first head out to cut the last of the “good” wood from the old house that was recently demolished. I was able to collect almost two weeks worth of winter heat while Mona hung out with our neighbor in her garden.

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Later we head out to collect our first persimmon of the year which we peeled and hung to dry tonight. Tomorrow is another beautiful day, so we will gather many many more and spend every night for the next week peeling and hanging. Mona was way into it and did much better than I had anticipated. She can’t wait to get more tomorrow either.

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We also took a walk up the road into the mountain to find some walnuts, but our favorite tree appears to be dry this year. While there were no walnuts to gather, Mona found her new favorite play place in a big pile of boulders. She told me that it is a lot better than the playground at McDonalds that she liked when we were in Michigan.

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