New Habits Die Quickly

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In June I had decided that this year would not be a repeat of last year, when I was not able to keep up with customers and was forced to take a bus up a mountain while they rode their bikes. I made a big effort to ride almost every day, and was actually getting good at putting in a few hours at least four times a week.

Not sure what happened to that habit – somewhere along the way I got too busy, and with Tomoe spending more time helping her family in Nagoya, and Mona being here with me, I wasn’t able to sneak out of the house in the mornings for a ride for fear that she would wake up find me not there and take the opportunity to eat all my chocolate.

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Now, a I write this, it is almost November and snow will be my next excuse. Hopefully before the snow comes, and there is still some colors on the trees, I can get a few more good rides in. Then maybe over the winter a trip with a friend around Shikoku.

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Another habit I got into for a while was fishing in the small river behind our house. It was nice being able to go out any time I want and catch a few fish for dinner, and Mona liked it too, so I really can’t use her as an excuse for falling out of the habit.

I am not sure if it is off-season now, but maybe there is still time before the snow. I guess I should get up early one of these days and see if there are still any iwana out there.

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