Poor Little Future Olympian Girl

DSC_6413_1 copy

At school-bus stop:

Neighbor: Oh good you made it on time today. I saw you walking the other day.
Me: Yeah, that was by choice.
Neighbor: Kawaiiso! (Poor little girl)
Me: No, we choose to walk.
Neighbor: (Chastising me for being selfish) *You* may like to walk, but walking is not good for the children until they are in first grade. It is too far.
Me: No, it was Mona who wanted to walk.
Neighbor: (grudgingly says) Hmmm… maybe because you make her walk to the bath every day.

I didn’t mention to the neighbor the fact that last time I went to the bath with Mona she wanted to run. She ran the entire way and I was actually hoping she would get tired – because I was. When she is 18 there will be a summer olympics, so I am going to start prepping her to be the cute Japanese female athlete that dominates Olympic coverage in Japan every two years.

Anyway, some photos from the walk to school. The buckets are spent tara-no-me branches – tree buds of the Japanese Angelica Tree a delicacy here in spring time. Behind them are the rice shoots being raised for planting later this month.