Yomogi Mochi

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One of the most preliferous wild vegetables in our area is yomogi (Japanese Mugwort). A few years ago we had calculated that we could work hard for a few months in spring, and cruise by the rest of the year on all the money made from foraging and processing/selling this weed. And in fact there are people who do this. Of course, you have to be satisfied living a simple easy life, without lots of stuff, and you can’t worry about ho other people see you. In the end, it was not a prestigious enough job or something so the idea was dropped.

The upside of not doing much foraging this year is that we don’t have bags of drying, never-to-be-used yomogi vieing for floor space with rotting fukinoto (bog rhubarb), suiba (Japanese Knotweed), and others.


Still, at least Mona did get a chance to take advantage of this wonderful surroundings we are lucky enough to live in, and made some Yomogi Mochi with her mom.