Why do weather gods hate me?

DSC 7702 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

Why?!?!?! The weather forecast yesterday said this week was mostly clear and would look like it did when I went yesterday with Mona to check on part of the route. Beautiful blue sunny skies.
This morning, a few hours before going to meet the customers, and the weather site calls for rain. Rain is what I worry about most. Although I know it is not my fault, a bright sunny day can make even the dullest parts of the ride wonderful, and rain makes the best parts of the ride miserable. (but the bath at the end feels better)
In the background of the videos you see Mt. Naeba. This is a portion of the ride where the snow is not cleared yet, so we have to walk the bikes over the snow.

DSC 7753 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

One reply on “Why do weather gods hate me?”

  1. Amazed how quick the snow goes up your way – changing season is so quick.
    We were on Naeba San last weekend but less snow than I epected compared to Echigo Komagatake. Still a coating of frost on the tent in the morning. Started from Wayama Onsen side – I guess not far from you. Its a lovely area to live in.

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