Bad Timing

So I am on day 4 of Shawn T Insanity workout now. I figure I gotta be able to at least keep up with my customers at the end of this month without being out of breath. I think it will work well for that. But it really makes me sad that I consider this a good workout, when back in my “better” days, it would have been a nice warm-up.
It is bad timing because 1) I am not sure it will be effective quick enough to help me with the April 2 clients, and 2) There are only two weeks left before the ski hill closes.
Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day, and all the lifts were running, so I couldn’t resist heading to ski right after my Insanity workout. My legs were jello and it is hard to ski on jello, so I am missing out on the last two weeks of my season pass.
Today is another beautiful sunny day, and it is also the village snow festival at the ski-hill. Last year Tomoe had a booth selling waffles. Its always a lot more fun when you are selling something, or involved in some way, so even the rain wasn’t too bothersome. This year, she had a previous obligation so did not register to sell anything.
I will certainly be taking Mona to the festival though, and hopefully she will agree to put in a few runs on the beginner hill, which is about all I can handle now as well (I just got back from todays workout).
In the photos above you can see Mt. Naeba in the background.
The photo below is of preparations for the festival. While it is nice and festive, it is really stupid. So much energy (fossil) is put into building these big snow domes, and a snow stage, and it would be just as fun, if not more, to have a full-day festival where the kids of all ages come out and everyone builds their own snowman or snowcave or snow sculpture or fort – and no need for all this heavy machinery (there are even more huge cranes that you can’t see in this photo, moving snow from left to right and then back to left again).
The video below is for grandma to watch with the cousins.

DSC 7106 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

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  1. GREAT DANCING!!! Thanks for the video. It’s fun to watch her. She keeps up with music really well. I like that way she holds a pose while waiting for the music to start and at the end. I think she has musical talent. The kids enjoy all your videos of Mona and the snow plows.

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