Mona’s School Show & Other Videos for Mom

DSC 6079 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

Mona comes home from school. This day Tomoe joined me to pick up Mona at the bus stop, so I was able to “document” the whole thing. The older girl who is waving at the departing bus at the end is a neighbor. When Tomoe’s niece lived here for six-months, they played a lot together. They were very young then, and this girl is now in junior high. I asked Tomoe when she thought this girl waving at the bus changed from “This is what I am supposed to do”, to “This will make the smaller children on the bus feel happy”. I assumed that at her age she was making a concious decision, but Tomoe says that she saw the girl waving at the bus even though there was only on or a few same-age kids on board. I guess it is just a habit – a nice habit – that kids in Japan rural areas have.

DSC 5700 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

Above we have Mona’s little pageant. She was mini mouse.

DSC 6062 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

Finally, shovelling in the back yard. The snow on the roof has to be shovelled because if it gets too heavy it will break the edge of the roof. This is on the second story level. The big hole she is putting snow into is on ground level.
I had to go get the shovel.