Mona Swims and Likes Bambi

DSC 5261 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

The plane ride home as almost as uneventful as all of the other plane rides Mona has been on. Aside from kicking the seat in front of her, and just being generally excited, she is an angel. The worst thing she did was chew through her earphones so she had to watch her TV soundless. Luckily this flight had personal TVs (the flight to US didn’t even have a screen) and plenty of channels to choose from. Mona got to watch lions eat gazelle, sharks eat seals, and Bambi’s mom get shot. Bambi was one of the available shows and she loved it, as evident in the video above. I assumed that her laughing must be at the Bambi on ice scene, but it wasn’t, she just really loved Bambi. Luckily she was not laughing like this when Bambi’s mom was shot.
More than trouble with Mona was the fact that we managed to arrive at the gate in Denver only five minutes before they closed the plane doors. Thinking back I realize that our time in Tokyo finally paid off as we passed security, ran to the shuttle train and managed to squeeze aboard just as the doors were closing, much like we always did in our morning commute in Tokyo. If we had missed that shuttle, we would have missed the flight, and the ticket officer noted, as we boarded, that there were no more flights available for two days. Even Mona’s cuteness would not have gotten us past this potentially expensive hiccup.
Below, in keeping with the “things that swim” theme of the trip, is video of Mona swimming. Unfortunately, I went out and got arm floaties for her, and she stopped trying to swim by herself like that. We have gone once to the pool back here in Japan, and intend to take her more when we can.
The “Things that swim” theme ran throughout the trip with the deep sea fishing, the Florida aquairum, which i was a bit disappointed in, but thankful that it did not make me want to buy an aquarium. (But I think I will anyway). In Denver we watched an IMax 3-D movie narrated by Johny Depp about the coral reefs. The theater rules say once you leave you can not get back in, and the director of the movie thought it would be cool to put all the most shocking, scarry and loud scenes up front. Mona started crying almost as the movie started. I was thinking that my $30 would soon show up on the screen in 3-D as it was flushed down the toilet and finds its way to pollute the reef.
Luckily, Mona settled an was soon reaching out trying to grab the fish, yelling “I touched it! I touched it!” Some dad in the back was not so lucky however, and his kid was not happy to see a huge fish eating a smaller one in terrifying 3-D.

DSC 5043 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.