Fresh, Near Organic Koshihikari Rice For Sale: 2,500 yen / 5kg

We have harvested way more rice than we can possibly eat this year again. Partly because we were obligated to farm more fields than we had originally intended, and partly because we planned to use it for Tomoe’s bread. Tomoe has been very busy with some other work, so has not had a chance to bake her bread for a while, and we feel like it is a bit sad to use fresh “shinmai” rice in the bread when fresh rice is meant to be eaten fresh. Every year around this time we can fill up on rice alone – no pickles, no sauces, no nothing. Just plain fresh rice.
Anyone interested can contact me at
Now, that same fresh rice that causes me to gain 10kg in a week is available to you.
Technically, it is considered “shinmai” until January, but we keep ours in momi form (in the husks), so it lasts longer than the packaged rice you see in the supermarket.
Our rice is as close to organic as we can get. What this means, is that for social reasons in our village, we do have to use a small bit of medicine on the shoots before planting in the spring. This is to prevent the spread of imochi-byo. a disesase that would could not only wipe out our crop, but everyone’s around us. Even if it was not our rice that spread the desease, if we did not use the medicine, the finger of blame would land on us, and we would never be able to grow rice in this town again.
Our field is also neslted among all the non-orgnic growing farmers, and water source is shared. This means that there will most certainly be small traces of whatever they put into their fields getting into ours. I can be confident, however, that not much of their herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers get into our field – the proof is in the weeds, bugs, and slow growth of our rice.
We offer brown or white Koshihikari rice (considered one of the most premium brands in Japan), and if you happen to have your own household polisher, we can send you momi rice (in the husk).
Please help us to empty out our rice locker.
Please enjoy some fresh pretty-dang-close-to-organic rice.
We will send you Tomoe’s expert rice-cooking tips as well, to help you to get the most out of it.
We will send you Tomoe’s expert rice-cooking tips as well, to help you to get the most out of it.
The company Tomoe is consulting for sells their organic rice for 7,500 / 5kg. We are only asking a mear 2,500 / 5kg + Shipping
(shipping outside of Japan will cost more, but we are making a visit to Michigan in January, so for a limited number of customers, we can take the rice with us and ship from within the States.)
Wait, there’s more! Since it is the season of giving, we will donate 100% – yes! 100% – of the procedes to a needy (but cute) little girl’s college fund. She will send everyone a thank you letter updating you of her progress in University (*assuming that paper and pens still exist 15 years from now)
Anyone interested can contact me at
I will post more details and shipping estimates as well, but I just wanted to get this out there before it becomes January and then February, and then we still have ten bags of momi in the locker at next-years harvest time.
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