More from last bike trip

I finally got around to finishing the photos from the last bike trip. I have been too busy recently battling the snow in time to build the snow shed to keep the snow off of our windows and wood pile. In previous years I shovelled a trench in front of the window and wood, but I figure a few days of work on the shed will save me many more days of shovelling.
Above: Dinner at a local farmers inn. Just a regular family that rents some rooms and serves some of the best meals.
And, to whoever can read the name of this woman who is trying her first Japanese caligraphy, I will give you my 1,000 dollars if the facebook guy that won the lottery chooses me to give his spare 1 million to.

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      1. Close. Since I don’t think anyone else will try to answer, and since I don’t think the lottery facebook guy will give me a million dollars (I didn’t even like or share his post, but several friends did. I hate it when that happens)
        Her name was Elyse. The inn-keeper searched forever for good kanji, I said just use “risu” and throw the England “E” on it.
        The inn keeper didn’t like it because “risu” characters mean “walnut rat”

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