Random Shots of Autumn Life in Northern Nagano


Just some photos I had laying around from last week. I have been doing quite a bad job of getting out the camera when I am with customers lately, but this couple was very relaxed, into photography themselves, and in no rush to add kilometers to their bike ride, so I felt more comfortable to take out my camera instead of take care of them.

Above you see daikon radishes, and a basket of peppers, walnuts and beans out to dry. These must have come from the inn-keepers window garden, because I know in their regular field they will have a lot more to dry than just one little plate.


Workers in Iiyama cleaning up the asparagus and flower (for sale) field by burning the last of the weeds.


Nozawana Fields. The area with the green poles are asparagus. Asparagus is a popular Northern Nagano product in spring.



Nozawa Onsen Villages recycling plan – using old ski boots as planters along the street. Cute idea, but not practical as one can go to the dump in this ski-resort area and find mountains of ski-boots and skis. If one wanted to make planters out of all of them, we would have to cut down the forest to find enough space to put them.


Random walls I found interesting.

And last, but not least, Mona getting ready for school with all her stuff neatly laid out for her. Until recently she has been taking the bus (as seen in a previous video post) but I have started taking her directly to school because the bus pickup is 7:40 and she doesn’t actually have to be at school until 8:30. I opt for a much more relaxed morning so she can wake up a bit more slowly, have time to cry before eating, actually have time to eat and chill out under the heated kotatsu table (there is a little heater under the table, which is why the blanket is draped over it) until the fire stove warms the room, and if she can get changed into school clothes with enough time to spare, we can read a book or, more likely, watch Barney or Elmo.


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  1. Really nice looking Dailiness radishes. Uncle Bill & I were at Little Sable Point Lighthouse the last 2 weeks in Sept. which is located in Mears, MI. It is near Shelby which is the asparagus capitol of the state, if not the whole nation. They let the plants go to seed here, not burn them.
    Mona goes to school already? She isn’t even 2 yet, is she? She is so cute & adorable. Does she speak English or Japanese or both?

    1. She will be 3 in January. She started school this September. Many kids start here before they are even one year old. Of course, the “school” is more like a day-care, but it is helping her to learn Japanese and some Japanese songs and games that I certainly can’t teach her because I do not know them myself.

      She speaks mostly English, but in the past few months since going to pre-school she has started to mix in Japanese a lot. I am told by my american-father-of-half-Japanese-children friends that it will not be long before she give up English because it is not “cool”, and she will want to only speak what her friends are speaking.

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