Mona School Part 2

DSC 2083 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

And the follow up to the post last time about Mona going to school, I decided to make a video of when I pick her up. Usually I just wait for her at the bus stop, but yesterday I had some errands to run in the city, and would be passing her school along the way so I stopped by to pick her up there instead.

In the first video she gets scolded by the teacher for dancing while singing. In the last video she is eating from Tomoe’s bakery book.

DSC 2084 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

DSC 2085 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

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  1. Well that’s crap (in the first video). That other kid was dancing WAY more than Mona and he/she’s the one who started it!

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