Akiyamago Autumn Bike

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Had a great trip this weekend with a young woman who kicked my butt. As bad as I felt making her wait 15 minutes at the top of the mountain for her “guide” to catch up, it was still a great ride thanks to the accommodating weather on the first two days (just cloudy, instead of the forecasted all-day-rain), and clear skies on the last day. The brilliant falls colors didn’t hurt either.

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I had to adjust the itinerary a week before because the road I had intended to take was covered with snow, and then, the day she arrived, some of the other roads I wanted to take were under a few cm of snow in the morning. On the second night, I lay awake in bed listening to the pouring rain, knowing that the morning’s ride will be snow-covered, and I imagined what I would do if her bike slips off a cliff.

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Luckily, though the road was covered with snow in the morning, it had melted by the time we arrived. It made for a spectacular ride despite my physical condition. Even if I was in the same shape that I had been in before Mona and my injury, I still wonder if I would have been able to keep up. Usually the customers who say they are in great shape are, but they are not used to the hills we ride here, so I am able to fake it, but this time I realised I have to rewrite my website regarding the “challenging” rides. Rewriting is a lot easier than getting back into shape.

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Below is a photo from the top of the ski-jump in Iiyama City, where the gold medal winners from Nagano olympic trained with a coach who is now a soba shop owner just at the base of the jump. I realized my ride for the day was not enough challenge for her, so I suggested we hike to the top of the lift to take a look.

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