More Short Videos

To those who come to see photos of life in rural Japan, note that this is what it is like now. I have not taken my camera out much recently other than when I walk to the bus stop with my daughter, Mona, or whenever I get the urge to make a little video for grandma and grandpa.

Today I have a few videos of Mona enjoying her chicken-pox sick-leave by helping out in the rice field, helping to chop wood, and just helping by being cute when she eats breakfast.
Below you see her picking a neighbor’s rose. I usually encourage her to pick flowers whenever she sees something she likes, as there are way too many flowers around here, but this rose was a prized plant by her biggest fans in the neighborhood. They have a special box of ice-cream in their freezer labeled “Mona”, a very successful attempt to draw her to their house every day on her walk back from the school bus.

Above is A little of what goes into the rice harvest process. I had some Australian high-schol students come out and help by hand, but haven’t been able to invite anyone else out, so we are using the “binder” machine. When it works it is fast but, with our size of field, if you add in all the time to fiddle with it, it works out to about the same amount of time as hand harvesting.

And above it the moment I realized how expensive my rice-growing hobby is. Maybe I should have just bought a sailboat instead. But, on the other hand, I probably would not have been allowed to take Mona sailing with me while she is “sick”.

And Mona is hit with a sudden streak of shyness with the neighbor lady.

And later plays with the nice of the neighbor we refer to as “The Good Man”.

And then destroys his rose bush and scatter the petals all over his drive letting him know exactly who is to blame.