Sports Day & Chicken Pox

Anyone who reads the same mommy in Japan blogs and has any parents in Japan on their facebook friend list is most certainly sick of hearing about Sports Day. Sorry to you. Maybe my mom will like this though. This is the equivalent of what was called field-day for us, only the kids are not competing against other schools, the number of events is limited, and there isn’t as much candy and junk-food to enjoy.
The images show where Mona is. Click it to view the video in a large size.
Mona, being in the youngest class, didn’t get to do the really fun event which you can view in the last video. Instead we dragged her out of bed in the midst of her first cold ever in her life, and handed her over to the teacher where they first lined up for warm-up exercises, then did a little dance, and it came time for the “Grab you farvorite An-pan-man character mask” game, where the challenge is to run up and grab your favorite An-pan-man character mask. An-pan-man is a cartoon character whose head is made out of bread and filled with sweet bean paste where there should be brains. Some of his buddies are Shoku-pan Man (fluffy white bread man), and Baikin Man (bacteria man). Anyway, Mona is a little upset in the video because she was all ready to go, and accidentally started running up with the group in front of her. The teachers made her go back and wait and this made her upset.

DSC 1174 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

And click here for part two of that dance video.
Above you see her dance and race.
BUT WAIT! The race is not over. I mistakenly turned off the camera before our very own Jamacain Bobsled team could finish.

DSC 1162 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

The next game was some weird thing where the parent has to dress up in an apron and head scarf and go pick up the kid who is, at this point, wearing a watermelon on their head. I was supposed to be the one wearing the apron and head-scarf, but Mona wanted mom.

DSC 1176 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

After the sports festivities, Mona joined me at the rice field where she ran around and held hands with the little girl who lives next to our field (@Heather: the great granddaughter of that woman that lent her bathroom to your girls) The girl is Mona’s age, but not in school yet, and spends her days with great grandma in the field, so I try to encourage Mona to play with her as much as possible. Usually they are enemies and fight – the only kid that Mona seems to really dislike. Today, however, she was taking her by the hand and guiding her to the best frog-catching spots, helping pick flowers, etc. I thought it was a change in their relationship, until….
I find out now that Mona was only being nice and holding hands in order to infect the girl with Chicken pox, which appeared that night. Yesterday the doctor confirmed it. I am happy for her to get it so early, and she doesn’t even seem to notice. Somehow, she doesn’t have itch-genes. No matter how many mosquitos bite her, she never scratches, and now she has yet to scratch her chicken pox. This is lucky for me because the cuteness of her unscarred face is my pension plan.

DSC 1171 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo.

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  1. Love how you overtook two parents on your race to the table Kevin- slightly competitive? ;P What is it with kids with limited neighbourhood playfriends not getting along, hey? We have one girl in Meg’s year level within walking distance and, nine years and counting, they have yet to decide to like each other.
    Hope the chickenpox pass you swiftly and slightly- I went swimming at the beach when I was off school with mine as a kid!

  2. I loved watching the videos. How lucky we are to have video cameras and computers. Hope Mona continues to not be bothered by the chickenpox. Post a picture of her with the pox.

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