Rice Notes to Next Year’s Self

It was the most beautiful sunny day one could ever imagine, and we got almost nothing done at the rice field because the dang machine doesn’t work properly. If I had just gone out from the start planning to do it all by hand, and spent the same amount of time on harvesting as I have collecting the machine, fiddling with it, swearing at it, talking about it to other people, I would be done with the rice by now. But no, I had to go and make it worse by borrowing a second machine (which incidentally seems to ru perfectly) and so am now hoping that today will be day to finish it all up.
Yesterday I was only able to do a few rows as the machine stalled every row, then every half row, and by the end it was stalling every few feet. I gave up and harvested the final mochi field by hand in less than an hour.
We also managed to borrow all the haze drying racks we will need. That was a relief. We were on our way to the hardware store to buy some steel rods, which will be used to build a shed behind the house, but luckily ran into the smily neighbor who makes it easy for us to ask favors of. I knew he had a bunch of bamboo sticks he doesn’t use, but thought he might have thrown it away after the earthquake. Luckily he didn’t.