Some days…


…are better than others. As I sit here trying to concentrate on emails and making reservations for future bike trips, I long for more weekends like this past one. This was just a quick overnight into the remote mountain valley and back out, with the best weather imaginable – cool and enough clouds to make it beautiful, but no rain.


I might have overdone it on the distances and hills (mouse over the images to see satellite images, and click to see the interactive route map), but when planning the trip I tried to keep in mind that he is a triathlete, and I was actually worried that the course I had planned was too short and easy. I guess if I have to err, I am happier to err on the side of too long, as the bath always feels better and the bear-stew always tastes better when your tired. Here are the maps of the route we took. Highly recommended, and also possible to shorten if needed.


These are just a photos from the weekend. The route was a really straightforward ride up into the Akiyamago Valley, and back out into Tsunan. From there we loaded the bikes in the van and drove to Yutaki Onsen in Iiyama. Yutaki is the perfect place for loops, with plenty of beautiful rural scenery, small city conveniences, and optional challenging hills all within reach, ending at one of the best baths in the area. When I get around to it, I am planning to ask them to cooperate with me to offer short day bike trips to be advertised on their website.


If anyone happens to be in the area, give me a call. Even if I am not free to guide, I have maps, bikes, and plenty of recommendations. There are also bikes available for rent at Iiyama Station.


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  1. Looks like a beautiful trip. Was he happy with the trip? Did he think you over did it?

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