Nagano FestivalMona 2.5 Y/o

Geez. Its already a week ago and I have gotten nothing done in the meantime.

Tomoe, Mona, and I went to a BBQ party at a friends house near Matsumoto. Along the way Tomoe had some business in Nagano City, so Mona and I spent the day taking an official tour of Zenkoji Temple, hopefully making me a little more competent to talk to customers about it.

Make a wish

There was also a festival that day, so Mona enjoyed watching the parade and making a wish to hang on the wish tree. Not sure what the wish means, I am guessing something about mountains.


After Nagano we headed toward Matsumoto, first trying to stop for a swim near Hakuba, but after driving an hour the guy at the pool desk informed us that no children are allowed in the pools in Japan because they might pee. We are welcome to take turns swimming with the other holding her down at the side of the pool in the “waiting area” as she cries and screams wanting to go in herself.

I didn’t tell him that I *also* pee in the pool, and my bladder releases much more than Mona’s. Not sure it would have helped or not.

After the onsen

In the end we traveled further down to Azumino to one of the hot-springs we often used for bike trips when there were only two of us. Something great about bringing a dinner purchased at the supermarket and chilling in the resting area watching TV (we rarely get to see TV).

We spent the night in a tent in a poorly picked parking lot. It turned out to be the employee lot of a bakery, so everyone arrived at three am. Mona loves the tent, and wants to sleep in the tent in the house too. I think it can be arranged. Hopefully it will help get her into her own room at nights (we just have to clear a room for her to call her own)

Shine in MatsumotoForest walk

Having awoken so early, we had a lot of time to kill before the BBQ, so parked at a nearby shrine. Mona and I played while Tomoe slept in the car, oblivious to Mona pulling her pants off and taking a dump right in the middle of the path in front of the steps. Maybe the pool guy had a point.

Even trying to kill time, we arrived too early, so took a stroll of the neighborhood where Tomoe found time to help weed a random field along the way.

Weeding Other People's fields

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  1. Love this story….sorry about the 3am wake up call.

    Hope that you all were able to stay awake for the bbq 🙂

  2. Dude! I am never going swimming with you!

    We took the kids to a public pool in Kamakura. The pool folks were fine. Even let a Hijabi Muslim woman all dressed in a Muslim Swimwear to hang out with the kids and go for a race with her mother.

    Did you get the thing from the post office?

  3. “Tomoe found time to help weed a random field along the way” – Kevin, I sometime do not know if you are serious or not, but it made me smile 🙂

    1. Seriously, she saw weeds in someones field and just started pulling them. Cant help herself.

  4. The woman who the field belongs to is the other side of 80 and bent double. I am sure she would have greatly appreciated the help (probably with cucumbers!) had she known. 🙂

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