Just some filler because I have not had the time or mood to work on any photos of videos for a week or so now. Part of it was because we had our first vacation in a long time (thanks Heather!), and I just haven’t gotten back into work mode. Part of it is that I am just lazy.


Here are some photos of enjoying raspberries. I suggested we make a business out of it four years ago. The suggestion lay dormant until now when Tomoe is thankfully suddenly into them. Perhaps one day you will be visiting our Raspberry and Rhubarb farm.


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  1. If you ever decide to market and sell those raspberries, let me be first in line! They’re my favorite fruit in the world and impossible to find fresh in Japan.

    I’d even come all the way up there to pick them up! Of course they’d never survive the train ride back down to Osaka (I’d devour them before the train left Niigata Prefecture)

  2. Yum on the raspberries – we have quite a lot growing wild around here but the weather has been so wet that they are going mouldy on the vine as they ripen 🙁 Are you picking yours wild or did you plant them?

  3. Wow!! Those are your raspberry canes? Jealous!! And embarrassed that I encouraged you to pick form my scrawny canes.

    I have a lot of trouble with them going moldy in the humidity here. Oh well all the more reason to eat them as soon as we pick them!

    1. Heather, We didn’t get around to thinning them out this year so they are a big mess and can’t reach a lot of berries. We had planned to start an entire big berry patch in a field nearby but not one we tend to go by often, so need something low maintenance there, and also something the monkeys wont steal.

      As for feeling embarassed, you need not be. Tomoe has not stopped talking about your blueberry bushes since we got back.

  4. Natalia,

    We planted them a few years ago. The easiest thing we have beside shiso. As I commented to heather, we didnt get a chacne to thin them out this spring, so they are a big mess. Just a tiny space in our backyard though. Hope to make a really big field of them for next year.

    We pick them when get the chcance. Try only to get the ripe ones that fall off easily when touched, and sometimes miss the window and some just go bad on the vine

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