300 Grams

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If anyone had asked me ten years ago “What do you think you will be doing on this day, a friday night, ten years from now?”…

First I would have been a bit freaked out that they knew what day of the week it would be on that particular date ten years later, but if I could get passed that, I would never ever ever have guessed that on a friday night I would be partying like there is no tomorrow in my own living-room-lawn-chair, cutting, sorting and weighing out 300 gram bundles of young warabi ferns.

One of the organizations Tomoe works with asked her to be in charge of its sales booth at a twice-a-month market in Nagano city. Usually the other members have goods to sell, and Tomoe has her bread and jams, and we can always get something from the neighbors, but this weeks she has nothing but her bread, and just one item is boring, so I went out this afternoon and picked some of what will probably be the last warabi fern harvest of the year.

I was sitting there enjoying the easy and almost mindless work of measuring, cutting, sorting, and weighing them, when the topic on the radio program I was listening to turned to how people spend Friday nights.

I have to say, if I had known I would be doing this ten years ago, I might have been a bit disappointed, but now I cant believe my luck. I cant think of anything better than sitting here doing this with Mona painting (and just going generally crazy after having her first Coca-cola ever, given to her by a well meaning neighbor while I was picking warabi – so THATS what a sugar high is like in a kid? It was fun for about ten minutes, but Mona is forbidden from eating sugar ever again.)


Of course, there was some other work to do tonight as well, such as figuring out the perfect route for a customer who only has two days to ride, with the perfect distance, and vertical climb to provide a challenge, but not enough to make him hate me, but give him the opportunity to visit the less visited remote areas, and still be back in time to catch an early train to Osaka for work.

I thought that becoming a bike guide would get me out from behind the computer, but now I spend more time playing withs maps than I do riding my bike.

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