Falling Behind

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I find it hard enough to keep up with posting daily photos of Mona and the field, but now I have eight days worth of photos from two groups of customers, and with the next group setting off tomorrow, I have had little time to sort through and touch up. The little things to do after the trip are the worst and hardest, because I know it has to be done, but just having the trip finished with no crashes, falling off cliffs, or missed departure flights makes me just want to sigh in relief and watch the flowers grow.

I think I will still be sorting through receipts, making notes and maps of actual routes and times ridden, both for customers and for own records, and of course, touching up photos well into July.

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So here are a few photos from the rice planting and bike riding with “Compass Point”, a group of socially conscious young career people from Tokyo who get together to save the world in their free-time (and sometimes come out to Sakae Mura to have fun).

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And a few photos disappointingly similar to the ones from last post.

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