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One long trip completed this weekend. I met the group a week earlier in at Nagano station, spent the week riding, hiking, and mostly eating with them, before dropping them off Saturday back at Nagano station. I arrived back home at 8pm to another group of eight repeaters who were busy partying at a nearby house we sometimes rent for large groups.

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The next morning I missed a 4:30 am promise with one of them to do a “real” bike ride over 40km and many hundred meters of altitude gain. I was able, however, to wake up in time to prepare the rice field for them to plant, followed by a slightly more tame ride over a slightly less steep mountain with the entire group.

Yesterday was a bit of a day off. Tomoe and I did some work in the rice field. I finished planting another small plot with Mochi rice. We had intended to use the village rice-planting machine and finish up all the fields, but when we got to the garage we realized we didn’t know how to operate it, and there was no one around to instruct.

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This morning I met with a neighbor who thought he could get out of teaching me by setting the meeting time at 5 am. (they all think we sleep till noon). He showed me how to use the machine and just five minutes ago – 11:40, I returned the machine to the garage all cleaned up and the rice all planted. There are still quite a few places missed by the machine that need to be filled in by hand, but that will have to wait until after we take Mona to the zoo today.

Then it is two days of odds and ends and another four-day family bike trip before I can settle into the office work that has been piling up, and start weeding the rice fields.

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  1. And I always thought raising tobacco was a lot of work! Seems easy compared to growing rice. Great pictures as always especially Mona’s. I love the smile in the top one.

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