Playing with the neighbors

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Despite having accomplished almost nothing in regards to the spring chores we had envisioned being “on top of”, I am exremely happy for spring if only for the fact that the neighbor chilred play outside a lot now, and it is a lot easier to get Mona ready to go out when she hears them. (no snow suit or boots that take longer to put on than the neighbor children are outside).

Every day we go outside now to play, and the neighbor grandma, who is in charge of watching her grandkids while the mother prepares dinner, has either just given up on trying to treat us as typical neighbors, or has realized that there is nothing difficult about allowing a stray kid come over and play without said stray kid’s parents also hovering nearby. I am assuming the former, but either way I am happy.

I no longer have to stand by to show my responsibleness as a parent while Mona plays with the neighbors. The grandmother has told me repeatedly now that I can leave Mona there and go off and do my own thing. The neighbor kids mom and dad have yet to acknowledge the fact that even if they send Mona to our home, she will still end up back at their house because we do not keep such a tight leash on her so long as she is within our sight. The other day, the neighbor kids’ father brought Mona to our front door literally (yes, literally) shooing her and saying “Go! Go! Your house! Go! Stay!” He then went right back to the same spot, a few meters away, on the other side of an invisible property line where his children were playing.

So it is spring and Mona gets to play a lot more with the neighbor kids. I am happy. She is happy. What more could we wish for?

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