Maybe I’m a sucker

DSC_8737 copy

So I logged into flickr to do the usual upload-for-storage so that I can share the photo on my blog. There are probably better more efficient work-flows nowadays, but I am used to flickr. I only use it for a place to host my photos, nothing more, so I was surprised to see that someone had favorited one of my photos from a month or so ago. As skeptical as I am, knowing that the “favorite” spammers are out there, this person had a normal, non russian sounding name. Against my better judgement I clicked on his account to see what else he favorited. It turns out, there are a lot of pop-artish photos, and I suddenly felt very pleased to have made his favorite list. I also remembered that I never posted this photo to the blog.

I didn’t think it anything “favorite” worthy, but I did like the fact that the very traditional inn we were eating at, with painstaking effort to produce traditional, seasonal, local food in very stylish Japanese dishes, brought out an E.T. cup for Mona. You can’t see it in the context of the photo, but this is completely out of place on the table.

Maybe I am just a sucker who clicked through on the favorite spammer’s account (not sure what their goal might have been), but I am thankful for being reminded of this gem I had originally intended to put up here.