Cant get enough cute

DSC_1926_1 copy

Mona can’t get enough of the cute little critters she finds every day. Frogs, earthworms, beetle larve, centipedes, and now this.

As I was scavenging through the old house, I heard some cries from one box and found these guys. Mona could hardly contain herself when I showed her. “Cute! Cute! Eeeeeeee! Waaaaa! Cute! Teee Heeeee!”

Unfortunately, our attempt to give them milk did not go well and they didn’t drink much. If they are still alive tomorrow I will try again with a smaller straw or a spoit.

For the record, I tried to keep it a “looking only” pet, but I could not contain Mona’s enthusiasm, so I changed to “just don’t put it in your mouth” pet.

DSC_1926 copy