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Mona’s first time to be expelled – from pre-school.

Second tuesday of every month is open school day so parents can go with the kids, and bring non-student kids to play. I took Mona there this morning and after her eyes light up seeing all the kids, she is in the door before the teacher can come over and say “Oh, today is cancelled because we had a school opening ceremony last week and things are still ‘batta batta’ (in chaos)”. I have to drag Mona out who runs from the room crying and whaling because she wants to play with the kids.

There is one babysitter there with five children today. Mona was supposed to join them for three hours. I was going to be there with her, playing together with her and the other children. There is no extra work for the babysitter who, from past experience I have observed as simply sitting there and watching the children play, but not interacting. Yet, couldn’t just let us stay in the room. Instead we went out to the playground for a bit where Mona dug holes in the sand alone, within earshot of the kids laughing inside.

2 replies on “Expelled”

  1. that’s not fair 🙁 Poor Mona. What’s the point in being a babysitter, or a kinder teacher if you aren’t going to interact with the kids! Great pics though 🙂

  2. Maybe when no parents are there she interacts more, and she was just trying to act like she is vigilant, not distracted by playing, and always on the lookout for whatever dangers may befall the children.

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