Japan’s most extreme skateboard park

Aokura collapsed bridge栄村消防観閲式栄村消防観閲式
I have been trying to post much more frequently, and with photos from that day or the day before. I find myself looking back at past years on my blog to see what was happening then, and with my memory beginning to fail, I thought I really need to keep better records. Of course, this means I have to post about boring things like the opening ceremony of the fire-brigade this year. It is really hard trying to come up with photos that don’t look exactly like the photos of the previous twenty events I have lugged my camera to.
Last year fire brigade ceremonial activity was canceled because of the earth-quake. Which is a lame segway into the first photo of one of my favorite bridges in the village (without it I loose one of my favorite easy biking roads) that was damaged in the quake, and then this winter collapsed under the weight of the snow. I have suggested to the village tourism office that they market it as Japan’s most extreme skateboard park.