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I feel like I can finally say that Spring is here. Today was amazing – aside from knowing that I *should* have been sitting diligently behind the computer doing grown-up work, I was out much of the day enjoying the first real non-wintery day in over five months.
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As you can see the cherry blossoms have started blooming now. Unlike Tokyo there is no one sitting around getting drunk under them to enjoy their transient beauty. Instead, the neighbors were all out in full farm-ninja garb.
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Mona, on the other hand, took advantage of the warm weather to shed the winter clothes. Here she can be seen playing in her bath/pool, and helping mom boil up some water for the kiriboshi-daikon (dried daikon) made from the stash of daikon we dug up the other day. It took her all day to cook and shred for drying. The neighbors didn’t even bat an eye when Mona went over to play. Either they are mellowing out, or just gave up on trying to teach us proper child-rearing etiquette.
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The kame-mushi (stink bugs) were all out in droves to greet the warm spring weather. In the photo you can see the bugs gathering on the kitchen window – and this was well before the majority of them started to wake up.
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