First day in the field – Preserved daikon

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We spent our first real time this year out in the back garden doing something other than shoveling. Well, at least Tomoe was doing something other than shoveling. She spent a few hours digging out a pile of daikon from where we had buried them five months ago. The dirt and snow cover kept it insulated enough that nothing froze, so they were in pretty much perfect condition when we dug them out. The biggest difference is that they are much sweeter now. The sugi cedar leaves are placed on them to keep the moles and mice away.
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While Tomoe was getting her hands dirty, I was still moving the meter-deep snow that is right were we want to make this year’s compost heap, and we have two big buckets of kitchen waste and other compostables saved up in the garage from winter that will start to stink soon now that the weather is warming. I didn’t quite make it all the way to the dirt, but far enough that the evening rain that has started falling should melt away the last of the white stuff.
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