A Booster Shot of Wild Greens

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A neighbor and proprietor of a surprisingly high-class Chinese restaurant (“surprisingly” because it is in the middle of the next farm hamlet with no other businesses anywhere around it – not exactly what you expect in the countryside) stopped by this morning to invite us to tea time. It was actually “just” a free lunch buffet for anyone that stopped by. About twenty of the neighbors showed up to enjoy good food and Mona.

Although it was made from wild veggies frozen or dried from last year, my favorite dish were the tender bamboo-shoots, kogomi and zenmai ferns that some of the old ladies brought along. We’ve hardly had any veggies other than cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, and pickled nozawana for two months now. A small taste of spring veggies was just the boost we needed to lift our spirits over this last month before the snow melts and we can start picking our own fresh wild greens.

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2 replies on “A Booster Shot of Wild Greens”

  1. Sorry to hear the waffles didn’t work out. I’ll bet they were delicious. I’m glad you covered most of the cost. It seems strange to see all that snow. It’s been in the 70’s and 80’s for almost two weeks now here. That’s really strange for Michigan in March.
    What a wonderful picture of Tomoe and Mona. Send it to dad’s Walgreen account so I can get a print made.

    1. We covered all the cost, and it was fun and learned. I wouldn’t say it “didn’t work out”, it just didn’t sell as much as anticipated.

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