Beautiful Gray Days

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Yesterday and today have been beautiful lazy gray rainy drizzle days. I was confused for a while, as to why I felt so cheery, but soon realized that the drizzle meant that it was not snowing. Yes, spring is here.

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Of course, the cheeriness seems to have worn off since yesterday, and today is a bit more in line with what rainy days should feel like. Napping has taken precedence over the continued home-improvements, but hopefully within the week we will have all the hall walls redone with a cheery bright white taking the place of cheap looking dark veneer and dirty puke-colored sand-walls that were there when we moved in. The kitchen is also much more spacious, light, and usable now, as we have torn out a wall and added a door connecting the kitchen to a currently unused room in the back of the house.

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4 replies on “Beautiful Gray Days”

  1. WOW! I want to come over there and see the changes you made in your house. It’s spring here now (at least for a while) with temps going up to 50’s and I think it was 60 one day this week before we got home. Probably won’t last for long.

    1. Photos of the changes will be posted once everything is done. Right now there is just a half-completed kitchen and some random holes in other walls.

  2. cool goldfish pic, and good to see you finally changed mona’s clothes 🙂 i’m over winter as well, but looks like we’ll get a last blast over the next few days…stay warm!

    1. Thanks. Mona really likes the fish. Glad we got them. I think though that she is waiting until they are big enough to eat.

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