What (Half) Gaijin Girls Get to Drink


This is another installation in the “What Gaijin Eat” series (though, I believe it is the technical term for Mona is “half-gaijin”).

There is a winter festival coming up in two weeks and Tomoe will be opening a food stall selling some of her rice-flour waffles and hot-cocoa. Mona and I are the lucky ones who get to taste test all of the trial batches.

Mona doesn’t seem to mind.

And no, we haven’t changed her clothes since my last post on Feb 23rd.


5 replies on “What (Half) Gaijin Girls Get to Drink”

  1. What a cutie!!
    I got snow burned looking at all the snow photos. Wow! That is a lot. I wonder if it ever snows that much in Kamakura.
    Hope you got the check on time before you left. It was amazing rice. I ration it for special occassions : ). Thanks for the perssimmons too. They were like natures candy. All wild?
    You live in a magical place man!

    1. GLad you enjoyed the rice. We did get the check. Thank you. The persimmons are all “wild” in that they are from trees that no one picks from, but the trees themselves were planted at some time in history. They don’t require any special treatment other than pruning some branches every once in a while, so no fertilizer or persticides are used.

    1. I am no expert, but I think that generally, if you are drinking so much that you wake up with a face that looks like that I would recommend finding the nearest AA meeting!

      1. I was referring to the joyfulness of my face while imbibing a beloved adult liquid of an evening, but yes, you’re right — if I woke up in a strange cold place wearing a ratty old sweater, sporting a new hair style and drastic age change, face smeared with something brown and sticky — by all means I should seek help from Americans Anonymous. Thank you ever so!

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