When I was her age…

Sledding in the backyardSledding in the backyard
Well, I probably didn’t sled much, other than being pulled around the yard, which I am sure I enjoyed. When I was a little older, however, I had to beg mom and dad to drive me to the nearest hill, which was the side of the ramp of a bridge downtown. How lucky Mona is she does not know.
Yesterday the village snow-crew was out bright and early with their back-hoe, blower, and a dump truck trying to get rid of some of the snow in the field next to our house. The back-hoe digs it out and piles it into the street where the blower blows it into the back of a dump-truck which drives it away and dumps it in the river.
Snow Cave in Backyard
They only did half the field, leaving us with a nice packed down play area. On the front wall we dug some snow caves for Mona, who is still too young apparently to enjoy the idea of an intricate maze of caves dug in snow. On the back side we have a perfect pitched sledding course with amazing views.
Sledding in the backyard
In the photo below you can see the brown roof of our house. peeking up above the snow. The snow there is literally more than two stories deep. I go out every time it snows and dig just enough to make sure it is not touching the eves of the roof, which will break under the weight. I have given up on trying to keep the area in front of the second floor windows cleared.
Sledding in the backyard
With a few warm days in a row though, and thanks to the village snow crew, we do get some sunlight into the living room again now. And since it will likely not snow nearly as much anymore, we have removed the boards from the second floor kitchen window, which we put there in December to make sure the windows didn’t break from the weight of the snow.
Hopefully the sunlight in the kitchen will now provide a little warmth to thaw the pipes and we will once again be able to use the kitchen sink.
Sledding in the backyard

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  1. that’s really amazing. although i hate the snow and the cold, there’s something romantic about having your whole house snowed in.
    …and when i was her age, we played outside all the time, but it was always warm (lived in florida then). it was all my mother could do to keep me in shoes.

    1. Not such a fan of cold either, but like the snow. Luckily today was sunny and warm. The snow bugs are out crawling around which in folk-lore land means no more snow this year. While i am not pictured, I was wearing only a thin long sleeve shirt with a regular t-shirt over it. No jacket or gloves or anything. It was only cold if you touch the snow. with bare skin or stand in he shade too long. 🙂
      You played outside in Florida?!?!? Lucky you were not eaten by a big snake I hear they have down there eating all their deer!

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