Winter Storm Warning

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The village has officially declared a winter snow disaster with several meters in just a few days and a few more days of heavy snow-fall on the way.
Tomoe and I returned from a month in the US to find our house literally buried. The front door took an hour to dig out this morning, so luckily we were able to squeeze in through a narrow hole in the garage when we arrived back last night.
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Our neighbors had shoveled the roof of the entrance twice, and already cleared away over two meters of snow from the front of the house before another big dump came and left what is seen in the photo above.
The entrance is still not shoveled because there is not enough water flowing through the underground trenches to melt all the snow. If too much is dumped in there the entire street begins to flood and the neighbors are not too happy about that (as I found out earlier today)
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I am afraid to shovel behind the house because there is a meter of snow on the roof just waiting to slide off. I certainly don’t want to be shoveling under it when it does. I also don’t want to make a wrong step and end up in our backyard pond that is now surrounded by three meter walls of snow.
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    1. I know you are sorry to miss it, John. You are welcome back out. I am wondering what that old house looks like or is someone is shoveling it. If it is still standing in the spring we were actually considering buying it. Maybe this is a sign…

  1. WOW!!!! That’s amazing. I thought there was a lot of snow last year when we were there, but it didn’t look like that. I want to come back as see it now.

  2. this looks like the best time of year to visit!! …except i only like snow for about an hour. them i’m so over it!! good thing i live in kyushu, i guess.
    sorry i haven’t been commenting recently. i need to put your blog on my blog list!

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