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All the family has gone back to South Carolina or Korea save Mona and me. Thursday we too are off to Seattle for a week so tomorrow is Mona’s last day with Grandma and Grandpa. Tomoe has been in Seattle for a week already, and until tonight Mona has been extremely calm about it – so much so that I felt bed telling Tomoe that when Mona does wake up in the middle of the night she crys “Elmo” instead of “mommy”.
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Tonight, I was chatting with Tomoe on skype and despite Tomoe’s pleas for Mona to interact with her, Mona was all but ignoring. Even when Mona was ready for bed we could not get her to say goodnight or even wave – until I hung up and took her to brush her teeth that is.
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Brushing her teeth is always like performing an exorsim, and though I did have a little more trouble holding her down tonight, I didn’t make the connection until I finished and let her up and she rushed out of the bathroom to computer screaming “po-po” (Korean for “kiss”, a word we adopted from my sister’s family) I got Tomoe on skype again and Mona spent five minutes kissing the screen again and again and again. I stopped counting at about twenty-five. Then, when she was done she happily went to bed and smiled and laughed and asked for a pre-bed snack… of broccoli.
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  1. The last picture of her with her legs crossed– precious.
    Skype is the strangest thing. I mean, I like it, but it’s such a socially awkward thing, isn’t it?

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