Home for Holidays

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No particular reason for not updating the blog, other than getting ready to go to, and finally making the journey to grandma and grandpa’s house in Michigan.
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Its a bit worrisome leaving home for a month when we had a meter and a half of snow in just the four days before leaving. I was out shoveling for eight hours, but know full well that by the time our plane took off, the snow was most likely up to the roof again. There is a serious possibility that our house will be under snow by the time our return flight touches down.
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Michigan has been great. All Mona’s aunts uncles and cousins are visiting from around the world. Its a crazy time at Grandma’s house this week.
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  1. I was looking through these again. I love the one where Toby & Irene are walking in the snow, because it looks like Toby is blabbing on & on about something, and Irene’s like “Whatever, dude.”

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