Persimmon Cookies

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The snow is falling. We have a foot or so on the ground and it will be snowing all night. Its great because it means that many of the the getting ready for the snow preparations that are not done yet will just have to remain un-done. The to-do list just got a lot shorter.
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In the meantime, I didn’t really get a chance to get out and enjoy the snow. Instead I enjoyed peeling and sorting more persimmon. We have about 800 drying, and many more being made into vinegar or puree. Hopefully all this work will not be in vain and we will get a chance to sell it all after it has magically morphed into Tomoe’s all-local, almost-all-organic, no-sugar, vegan and macrobiotic friendly persimmon & brown-rice cookies.
While I do love no-sugar cookies as much as the next guy, I am man enough to say that usually one can easily tell that the cookie is, in fact, healthy. Not so with these persimmon wonders. It is sweet enough to make any two-year old screaming “mo mo mo moooooooh!” and thick and hearty enough to make a healthy hiking snack with substance that is as filling as it is compact.
Can’t wait to get into production and selling them.
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