Brown-Rice Bagels

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Anyone who is also subscribed to my flickr account may have noticed that it is being flooded with photos of food and bread. My recent fixation on food is partly because I have run out of perspectives for fresh outdoor countryside photos, partly because Mona has learned to quickly turn away when I have the camera, but mostly it is preparation for Tomoe’s soon-to-be-open Natural-yeast Brown-rice Bakery. All the breads here are some variation of her potential goods. My favorite are the bagels.
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4 replies on “Brown-Rice Bagels”

  1. When I saw the last three photos my mouth filled with drool like a large dog in a messy butcher shop. My old oven can’t seem to work up enough energy to bake anything well and I have bread envy. Please sell these things and please use sea salt, I will buy them.

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