Spindle Tree & Bog Rhubarb

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A photo of the apparently highly toxic berries from the spindle tree we have growing in back. It serves no purpose for us other than there is a certain insect that tends to love gathering on the bush in summer, and the chickens love hunting those insects, so we have not cut it down.
Having seen us pick and eat and feed her rasberries from nearby, Mona has become quite the little forager. Yesterday I found some strange shaped floaty things in her poop while the majority of it had sunk to the bottom of the toilet (her first time to poop on the toilet herself without any help!). They were shaped very similar to the Spindle berry, but she is still with us. I guess it is only toxic if you chew it.
The buds, on the other hand, are supposed to be good as tenpura, but then anything soft and green is said to make really great tenpura. I’ll have to try it next spring.
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Speaking of spring tenpura… Somehow, from all the green growy things we passed by, she somehow knew that these fuki-no-to (bog rhubarb) are good to gather. Of course, these are being cultivated by a neighbor, so Mona will have to wait until spring when we will gorge on everything fuki until the season passes and we can only dream about it again for a year. Oh how I love my fuki-no-to.

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  1. The first real work I was ever assigned at my restaurant was to make fuki-miso. I had never heard or seen fuki-no-to before. I ate one raw when no one was looking to see what I was dealing with. Very strong flavor memory. Fuki-no-to match very well with oil, I have preserved them under olive oil a few times when someone offloaded the ones they collected on me. Great late night snack.

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