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I have a customer who ordered a customized budget self-guided bike trip from here to Hiroshima or Kyushu if time allows. The estimated one-month trip will have her camping out in parking lots and parks for much of the journey

I just received a message from her telling me she is spending the night in a McDonalds, as she lost the map I sent with her and ended up in a very urban area with few tent-friendly locations. Of course, when riding across Japan, a great strategy is to stay in small villages such as my own, and look for small shrines.

If one happened to be passing through our hamlet, and for some reason couldn’t or didn’t want to stay at our home, you could sleep very soundly the shrine in these photos (just one of four) small shrines with unlocked doors and tatami floors. It would keep you out of the wind and rain, and it is only a ten minute walk to a great hot-spring.

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