Late Fall in Tsukioka & Kotaki

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Not sure how it happened, but I seem to have completely missed the peak of fall colors here. Partly I was busy trying to look busy for our helper John. It was tough (in a good way) because I didn’t want to look lazy, so I had to keep both he and I busier than I usually am when I am working alone, but when you have two people working on something that usually takes a full morning, it gets done in a half-morning and then you have to find some other chore to fill the gap that you would normally use to just take a nap.
Here are a few shots from nearby the house on Sunday morning.
DSC_0133 copyDSC_0065 copyDSC_0041 copy

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    1. Its photoshop. I am sure there is someway to do it really simply in one click, I just have not really looked into it enough yet.

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