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Astute readers may notice that the photos are bigger. Yes, I have finally upgraded to new WordPress blogging software.

The private little hack I made to my ten-year-old? Movable Type installation served me well and I hardly got any comment spam until last year. Unfortunately I am not as technologically adept as I once was, so I simply turned off comments.

With this new upgrade, in addition to posting larger photos from now, I will also re-open the comment section with the (hopefully correct) assumption that the latest installation of WP makes spam at least somewhat manageable.

You can thank Tomoe who has been bugging me for a while now because she needs to know how many “Mona is soooo cuuuuuute!” comments she has been missing.

Mona, Sept 2011DSC_0146 copy

4 replies on “Comments Open”

  1. The photos are great…like the bigger size. Absolutely love the photos of Mona…especially in the Parents of the Year post…..even with the scarey eye she looked so happy. Good to see the eye is back to normal….my second son had an eye like that once when he was about the same age. I had no idea those mini-potatoes were edible….I’m sure I have them growing wild in my garden….no matter how many times I weed away the vines some always drop on the gravel and grow again…..must let them colonise the fence!

    1. Thanks Denise. The real story with Mona’s eye is that she was stung by an abu fly on the eyelid. Usually they hurt or itch like crazy, but she didn’t even seem to notice.
      Most definitely you should capture those little potatoes. boiled or added to the rice before cooking, baked into bread, or just tossed into the garden of any enemies you may have.

  2. Kevin;
    nice to see comments open. You have a great blog and it’s been an inspiration to me over the years. Keep it up!
    And for Tomoe; Mona is sooooo cute! Especially hugging that huge Daikon!

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