Rice Field in October

DSC_0190 copy

I spent a few hours yesterday gathering rice husks from the local de-husking center, where everyone takes their rice to be de-husked. Here people make them into charcoals and spread them into the fields as fertilizer. We did that the past three years, but this year decided to drop the charcoal step and just dump it in raw. This prompted jaw drops and frightened faces from our neighbors, but the natural farming crowds say it is OK.

The photos for our own record so we can look back next year and compare. Above is after spreading the momi-gara (rice husks). As you can see, the tent we used to de-kernel the stalks is still out there along with the empty haze (drying racks). I’m saving the clean-up work for November when our first WWOOFer comes here.

Photo below is before the harvest.

DSC_0240 copy