Soba Harvest

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Yesterday we had lunch at a friends shack in the mountains. He spends his summers up there off-the-grid. His plumbing is the river and a composting toilet. He has the outdoor bath heated by the sun or wood stove that I have been dreaming of for years now, and access to enough field space for a family of three’s yearly food needs. Hmmmm….

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Today we spent the day helping an acquaintance harvest soba (buckwheat) with a group of soba chefs from Tokyo. They grow soba for a relative’s restaurant, which means they need quite a large area, and it would be a long tedious job without help, but in moderation it is quite enjoyable. A field big enough to grow soba for a family of three would be quite manageable. Hmmm….

Once again I have been running some numbers in my head, trying to figure out just how many hours we really need to work in a week/month/year.

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Never before released bonus photos:

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