July, 2013

Bread Promotion

Back in the beginning of July 2013, a magazine photographer came out to do an article about Tomoe’s amazing bread. Unfortunately, per Tomoe’s orders, the bread project has gone to the wayside, and Tomoe has given the decree that we are to make no rice this year, helping her with the bread took up a [...]

Mona Prepares for School

This is backdated to June, when Mona was still in the Tulip class. Now she is one class higher, and almost ready to graduate from pre-school.

Sorry if I have neglected you.

So I realize I hardly write on my blog anymore, I find myself spending too much time just taking photos of Mona, and posting them on facebook. If you have been following the blog, and really want to see this oyabaka (Meaning: a parent who believes everything their child does is wonderful.), then please feel [...]


There has been a pari of swallows coming into our house every day for a few weeks now. They were trying to make a nest on the wall in the hallway near our bedroom. They bring mud and straw, weeds, etc., spit it onto the wall and usually it will make a nice nest. Our [...]

Tragic Rice Story

Our rice story this year may turn out a little tragic. Despite having so much help planting, the weeds were even quicker to sprout this year, and by the time I got around to trying to till them in, it was almost impossible to tell what was a weed and what was a rice stalk. [...]

田休み (tayasumi)

Every year on the first Sunday of June we have the tayasumi festival – the rest afte planting – and every year we are the only people who have not finished planting before the festival. This year was no different, but we have an excuse, as always. This year we managed to plant everything by [...]

May and June flew by

Didn’t realize it had been so long since I have posted anything on my blog. It seems like ages ago that we had gyoja niniku seen in my May 9 post, and even more shocking is to see these photos of Mona playing in our garden in May that is completely bare. Now it is [...]