January, 2013

Sunny Florida (-20 im Michigan)

Mona’s vocabulary and ability to express her own thoughts is growing in leaps and bounds, so this year we wanted to bring Mona back to Michigan to spend some time with Grandma, Grandpa and the cousins. Problem: Michigan is cold. Colder than where we live in Japan. We get lots of snow in Sakae Mura, [...]

Nephews and Nieces

Japan’s Snow Monkeys

DSC 3192 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. I am in Michigan visiting all my family, and everyone is getting their fill of Mona, so there is no one left to read a blog about her. I do, however, get some inquiries about the monkeys, so for anyone who wants to know what the Jigokudani/Shibu-onsen/Yudanaka Snow [...]