November, 2012

Snow Monkeys

Just some shots of Japan’s famous “Snow Monkeys” of Jigokudani (Literally, “Hell Valley” – a little different feel than California’s, though). These little guys are the most northern living primate in the world (that don’t wear clothes). Well, not this particular troupe, but this species. There are more living further north in Japan. I will [...]

Last Trip of the Year

Last week I finished what I assume will be the last bike trip of the year (The snow has started today). I was lucky enough to be guiding two wonderful sisters from Australia with the perfect attitude to enjoy the trip. It helps that it was their first time in Japan, they got off the [...]

Random Shots of Autumn Life in Northern Nagano

Just some photos I had laying around from last week. I have been doing quite a bad job of getting out the camera when I am with customers lately, but this couple was very relaxed, into photography themselves, and in no rush to add kilometers to their bike ride, so I felt more comfortable to [...]

Mona School Part 2

DSC 2083 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. And the follow up to the post last time about Mona going to school, I decided to make a video of when I pick her up. Usually I just wait for her at the bus stop, but yesterday I had some errands to run in the city, and [...]

Next To Last

This week I had a great couple from Chicago that came out to celebrate his 60th birthday with a rural bike trip in Japan. This is probably the next-to-last bike trip for the year, with only a pair of sisters coming to visit for a week on Sunday. Time to start putting the bikes away. [...]

Mona Goes To School

DSC 1822 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. DSC 1823 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. I have been busy for a few days with some customers, but I managed to make this video of Mona going to school so Grandma and Grandpa can see what Mona’s school is like. Tonight, as she changed, she said to [...]

Akiyamago Autumn Bike

Had a great trip this weekend with a young woman who kicked my butt. As bad as I felt making her wait 15 minutes at the top of the mountain for her “guide” to catch up, it was still a great ride thanks to the accommodating weather on the first two days (just cloudy, instead [...]