October, 2012

Kamikochi, Rice, and Monas Poop on a Sock at the Airport

The rice is finally de-husked. At least ten or eleven sacks. We are now in the proud possession of ten big sacks of shinmai brown rice. Anyone up for a 20kg pack? It was quite an ordeal, as the threshing machine I borrowed from a neighbor didn’t work all so well, and even when I [...]

Our Little House on the Prairie

Just a few photos to make sure I don’t forget how to use the “photo” function on my camera. Thats our house in the photo below. It looks so small here.

More Short Videos

To those who come to see photos of life in rural Japan, note that this is what it is like now. I have not taken my camera out much recently other than when I walk to the bus stop with my daughter, Mona, or whenever I get the urge to make a little video for [...]

Sports Day & Chicken Pox

Anyone who reads the same mommy in Japan blogs and has any parents in Japan on their facebook friend list is most certainly sick of hearing about Sports Day. Sorry to you. Maybe my mom will like this though. This is the equivalent of what was called field-day for us, only the kids are not [...]

Rice Notes to Next Year’s Self

It was the most beautiful sunny day one could ever imagine, and we got almost nothing done at the rice field because the dang machine doesn’t work properly. If I had just gone out from the start planning to do it all by hand, and spent the same amount of time on harvesting as I [...]

Rice Status

For my own future reference: 2012, October 4. This is what the rice field looks like. A week and a half or so I went out to harvest the mochi rice, which is in the field to the right of the road (left side of photo). It took me three days of 3 hours / [...]

And, Mona Come Home From School

DSC 0985 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. DSC 0986 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. Continuing the this mornings saga, I have uploaded more videos for grandma and grandpa. Coming soon is a video of the dramatic life and death struggle between one of the frogs that lives in our kitchen sink, and a mother-child pair [...]

Mona Waits for The Bus

DSC 0971 from Kevin Cameron on Vimeo. Mona in full pre-school rain gear waiting fro the bus. Usually there are three other children and two other mothers who come wait as well, but they have not arrived yet. Mona has finally stopped crying and reaching out to me the dramatic “Nooooo! Don’t let them take [...]