July, 2012

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Finally starting to look like my daughter

Some days…

…are better than others. As I sit here trying to concentrate on emails and making reservations for future bike trips, I long for more weekends like this past one. This was just a quick overnight into the remote mountain valley and back out, with the best weather imaginable – cool and enough clouds to make [...]

Geez. Its already a week ago and I have gotten nothing done in the meantime. Tomoe, Mona, and I went to a BBQ party at a friends house near Matsumoto. Along the way Tomoe had some business in Nagano City, so Mona and I spent the day taking an official tour of Zenkoji Temple, hopefully [...]


Just some filler because I have not had the time or mood to work on any photos of videos for a week or so now. Part of it was because we had our first vacation in a long time (thanks Heather!), and I just haven’t gotten back into work mode. Part of it is that [...]

300 Grams

If anyone had asked me ten years ago “What do you think you will be doing on this day, a friday night, ten years from now?”… First I would have been a bit freaked out that they knew what day of the week it would be on that particular date ten years later, but if [...]

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Mona Photos

Photos of Mona. Nothing else to say.

Mona and Mom

Persimmon Vinegar & Replies to comments

I never know if anyone actually comes back to the comments to read any replies I leave, so this time I am going to post replied to yesterday’s comments here because it kind of completes the story I quickly threw up last night. I also want to point out that, though I may have made [...]